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The Vineyard Gains Both Domestic And International Recognition

Last year, Bravothai the developer of The Vineyard's visionary ideals of ultra-contemporary design, inspired mainly by classic Zen, Balinese and Thai architecture and lifestyle, were acknowledged internationally by being showcased by Thailand Holiday Villas at the ‘A Place in the Sun Live' overseas property show in Birmingham, UK. The show highlighted The Vineyard's properties as being some of the best value for money villas available anywhere.

Furthermore, the UK's Daily Telegraph chose The Vineyard out of hundreds of contending properties to represent one of the most luxurious holiday homes in Thailand, the only villa development chosen in Pattaya, counted among such prestigious nationwide properties as The Banyan Tree and the Royal Phuket Yacht Club, all of which sell for well over Bt50 million, whereas The Vineyard villas are only priced in the range of Bt10-22 million. These accolades alone justify The Vineyard's status as a world-class project.

The Daily Telegraph is one of Britain's oldest and most respected newspapers, founded in 1855, renowned for its in-depth, popular and comprehensive coverage. It has the largest daily circulation (842,912) of any of the prestigious broadsheets and is regarded as predominantly conservative and aristocratic in disposition. The Daily Telegraph's website, Telegraph.co.uk , on which The Vineyard was featured, was Europe's first daily web-based newspaper and now ranks as the most popular UK newspaper website with 18.6 million unique users per month. It also has a wide readership in the English speaking world, especially in the USA. To have been chosen among so many celebrated contestants was a great honour for the developers of The Vineyard, and eminently gratifying that such a bastion of the British media should have recognised the development's epitomization of a high quality, tropical lifestyle.

Domestically, The Vineyard has also been nominated as the Best Villa Development on the Eastern Seaboard for this year's Thailand Property Awards by some of the most prominent real estate agents in Pattaya. The Thailand Property Awards is the nation's most prestigious real estate competition where only Thailand 's ‘best of the best' villa and condominium developments are given the annual opportunity to compete against each other in terms of overall excellence. The awards help illustrate the high level of quality of Thailand's real estate, construction, architectural and interior design and through a professionally run awards system helps bring Thai real estate to the world's attention.

The awards are supported by such illustrious media outlets as The Wall Street Journal Asia, Property Report Thailand , Luxury Properties Magazine, and Prestige Thailand , as well as the Smart Investment and International Property Expo.

The criteria used to judge the competing developments include:

•  design and concept, including functionality, green initiatives, innovations and amenities

•  value for money, including suitability of location and pricing relative to quality

•  sales and marketing, including creativity and performance

•  construction, including state of completion and quality of construction.

It is not difficult to appreciate why The Vineyard should be selected as an outstanding showcase property when one considers how well its exceptional qualities match the above criteria. In concept, The Vineyard represents the synergy of the best in Euro-Asian architectural styles. The villas' design epitomise minimalist functionality, emphasizing low maintenance, all the properties being set amidst stunning tropical landscapes, and incorporating jacuzzis and chromatherapy-equipped spa-bathrooms on the rooftop terraces to complement the infinity-edge pools and waterfalls below. The construction methods of the project, with the first phase sold out and now in the second phase, represent the best in British building techniques, using only the finest quality materials and finished to the highest standards. Three-phase European-standard electrics, hi-speed Internet and individual wells ensure the utilities will never be a problem.

Lake Mabprachan , a designated green zone, was chosen as the perfect site for The Vineyard due to its idyllic rural surroundings, in easy reach of major golf courses, equestrian training, international schools and the multitudinous attractions of Thailand 's premier beach resort, Pattaya, as well as having swift access to the national road networks. As an added bonus, property in the Lake Mabprachan area has outstanding investment potential as well as having one of the most foreigner-friendly local authorities in Thailand ; hence purchasers of The Vineyard's villas are almost certain of high returns on investment, especially considering the properties' exceptional value for money and unique ownership scheme. It is no exaggeration to say that The Vineyard does indeed set new standards in luxury living.


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