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Luxury Homes in Thailand you can retire to and live the life you've always wanted
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Whether you want a cinema, background music system or a fully integrated smarthome, we can provide you with a bespoke system that blends in with and enhances your living space. Since our formation we have worked with developers within some of the finest projects in Thailand. Our core business is luxury villas although many condominium projects are now requesting our services. We will work hand in hand with The Vineyard to ensure excellent service and support for our clients.
We provide professional plans along with installation and programming of intelligent lighting control systems. One of the brands we use is CRESTRON although we use a variety of other products to suit customer's needs. These systems are introduced in the household to give you the feelings you require for various rooms or areas such as movie scenes for the cinema room, a romantic theme for the dining room. These scenarios are tailored to you for that personal touch.
We provide professional cinema design and installation services with high quality projection systems and surround sound. So if you like the feeling of being in your own cinema room with sound and visual effects that make it feel like you are involved with the film then we can make this a reality.
We provide distribution systems that can give you multi- room audio and video. Some of our preferred brands include NILES and SONOS. So if you like the idea of having music all around your home including the garden areas, or TV and video in all the rooms with the ability to watch or listen to different channels then we can assist you.
We can provide you with controlled systems for your curtains or blinds. Imagine having control over that curtain or blind located on a window area that you cannot easily reach, or sitting watching a riveting movie and the sun's rays reflect on your TV. Without getting up you can resolve the situation with the touch of a button.
We can provide full A/C control from keypads or touch screens or even remotely. Imagine driving home knowing that the house will be unbearable after the heat of the day and that with the touch of a button you can activate the A/C in any part of your Home. All you need is the equipment which we can supply.
We can provide systems that you need that include intruder alarms, fire alarms, access control & CCTV. Many people like to know that if they are overseas their property is safe. One of the most popular these days is being able to watch your house on your computer from wherever you are in the world. You can also activate and de-activate different areas of the home without being there. All this can be Installed by us and accessed by you.
With the technology we can provide, all of these systems can be integrated and controlled from a number of different touchscreens or remotes to give you the smarthome systems that you will never again be without.

Arrange a site visit to discuss the technology you are interested in.

Create a system proposal. Create professional plans. Explain the system.

Installation of cabling and then equipment connection and programming. Demonstration of your new system.




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