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Luxury Homes in Thailand you can retire to and live the life you've always wanted
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Retirement in Thailand is not only possible, but due to the world`s current economic slowdown, taking retirement in Thailand now makes perfect sense, allowing you to escape the rat race and take early retirement at 45 as opposed to 55 years old.

The warm climate, healthy eating habits and laid back lifestyle practiced by the Thai people will add quality years to your life.

Backed up by top class International standard hospitals and health care providers one has no need to worry, should one need medical care or treatment at a fraction of the cost it would it would be back home.

Most importantly of all, Thai people are very respectful of their elders and hold them dear to there hearts, something which many western societies seemed to have lost along the way.

As a retirement destination it has countless in and outdoor recreational activities and a safe environment.

Plenty of cheap and easy public transport.

People from all over the world visit Thailand and return again and again. Last year, it was estimated that 12 million people visited the kingdom and so many cannot wait to return once they have landed back in their home countries. Of this large number of enchanted tourists who consider returning to Thailand for good, a lot of them are eyeing a retirement in Thailand, to live or to work here. If you happen to be one of them, then you have come to the right place as we can help you make your dream come true through our project "The Vineyard", Phase Two.

It is ideally located on the outskirts of town, set in a peaceful tropical environment but with easy access to downtown Pattaya to enjoy its facilities when need be.
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